4x5 Studio Day

This picture was made with an Ebony 4x5 and 150mm lens (unfortunately my longest lens for the 4x5) at f8, 250s, using Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film. Key light was a Paul Buff Einstein shot through a 24” beauty dish with an Alien Bees serving as a backlight on the seamless (I can’t say the backlight worked perfectly). The negative was scanned with an Epson V850 running SilverFast 8 and post processed with Photoshop and NIK Silver Efex Pro2.

Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday, 2020. This photographs was made with Kodak Tri-X 120 and a Mamiya 7ii. St. John church on Main Street, Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Arrival of a Pandemic

Photographing during a pandemic. This image was made on the evening of March 11th at Cornfield Point in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, using Kodak Portra 400 film, metered at 200 ISO, with an Ebony RW45 4x5 camera and Rodenstock 90mm lens.

Toast Projects

Toast Projects is a 500 square foot home-based studio and gallery space located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. The intent of Toast Projects is to provide a place for my own artistic endeavors and to showcase other artists’ work as well. Toast Projects was officially opened in January 2020 and celebrated with a pop up exhibition of my work on February 8th.

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