A photography teacher once advised me to work locally — where I live. The reasoning behind her advice was that I needed to live in my project on a daily basis.

I continue to follow her suggestion. My current work involves photographing the people and environs of the lower Connecticut River Valley and shoreline area — the place where I grew up and still live some 60-plus years later.

The places and objects in my pictures are things I see during my daily travels. The people are close allies, neighbors, and the occasional stranger. Unlike previous photographic projects that had a well defined trajectory, this particular body of work is now over three years in the making and shows no signs of ending.

Many years ago, I went on a trip by myself. Without a preconceived destination other than somewhere else, I decided to pack a suitcase, get in my car, and drive. I ended up in Montreal. After I arrived, I stayed for a few hours, and then worked my way back home.

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